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Can orders be called in for pick- up?

Yes, and there is less wait time. Although they do move pretty quick...

Do they cater at all? Or would you just have to order a bunch of sandwiches?

Just order. Sandwiches are fantastic!

Do they make Philly cheesesteak subs?


Do they have gluten free bread?

Sure do ..they got what u want sweetheart

Do you sell the brand "Simply lemonade"

They have brisk, minute maid, calypso, snapple, and Nantucket brands for lemonade available today but their selection can vary

What time do they actually make sandwiches? Went and was told only do sliced bread til 9am

Didnt know that. Good to know!

can you buy gift certificates?

Im pretty sure they do. They also sell shirts and hoodies with the msm logo.

Price for catch of the day sandwich

6.99 for the 9 inch

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